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Yesterday was Misaki Yata’s birthday and Tooru Oikawa’s birthday so I had this great idea to draw them making out because like hey it’s their birthday right?

Yeah no. I drew something… But they weren’t even making out… I just kept imagining their pissed off boyfriends, so I ended up making them stare awkwardly at each other instead.

My first thought was, “wow, do they want us to start a drinking game while doing things associated with K?”

This then led to the idea of a drinking game for every scene that Sarumi looks canon. Then I realized this would land everyone playing in the hospital.

So I vote let’s make a drinking game where you take a shot of water for every scene in K that seems gay (this includes official art, novels, manga and side stories). Now there’s a fun way to fend off dehydration.

Tsukiyama Week Day 2: Family Relationships

Tittle: First Meeting

Word Count: 394

Rating: K (G)

Summery: Kei brings Tadashi home for the first time to meet his more than embarrassing family.

————           ————          ————           ————           ————

Kei walked cautiously into his house. He didn’t slip off his shoes like normal and quietly waited for signs of his family. It was the first time he was bringing someone home on his own accord, and his dork family was sure to make a big embarrassing fuss over it. Last night had been bad enough, and he did not want a repeat of it.

“Kei dinner’s ready!” Akitero practically sang, peeking out from behind the corner leading towards the kitchen. Plastered on his face was the most awful grin Kei had ever seen.

Tadashi was bending down to take off his shoes when he heard the older boy speak. Frightened he leaped up and hid behind Kei, not even bothering to take off his shoes like he’d meant to. He slowly looked out from behind his tall friend at the person he’d heard so many stories about.

Before Kei could scold his brother for frightening Tadashi his mother popped out from behind the corner as well, then his father. They were all shining with delight, and he knew it only meant trouble. His love bird parents were always so embarrassing.

“Ohh what a cute friend Kei brought home.” Kei’s mother said happily, beginning to slink towards them.

His father creepily followed his wife out from behind the wall. “Indeed they’ll make a great couple.” Mr. Tsukishima announced.

“Don’t you think they’re a little young to be thinking of marriage?!” Akitero said feigning worry. He stayed hidden at the corner snickering. His younger brother glaring daggers into him.

“Is the fact we’re both not dating and guys seriously no where in your guys heads?” Kei answered coldly.

His parents stopped in their tracks, gathering in a huddle. Their loud mumbled whispering all Kei and Tadashi could hear for the next few minutes as they discussed a decision. Occasionally a word could be understood, or Kei’s parents would look over at them before going back to whispering.

“Nope!” Both his parents proudly said in unison when they broke their huddle. “Don’t worry you’ll make a great wife.”

Kei stared at them blankly for a second. “That’s it we’re going.” He said, turning around to make a run for the door. He grabbed Tadashi’s wrist and began dragging him out the door as well.

“Have fun on your date dear!” He heard his parents say before the door slammed shut.

————           ————          ————           ————           ———— 

A/N: Sorry this is so late and short. I hope you liked it.

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