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Anonymous asked:

Hey so I saw your thing on Ereri, and as an ereri shipper, just wanted to tell you why I ship it. So honestly, when I first saw them, even when they were not on the screen at the same time, for some reason I said to myself that I shipped it. I think it might be their opposite personalities that make me like it????

Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry I don’t really understand that ship. Like see part of it is that when I first saw them in the anime I was like, ahah that will probably end up being my ship. Then as the series went on I never really felt it (especially in the manga). Like Levi always felt more like a mentor or something? IDK have you read the latest update? …


Anonymous asked:

Wow do you actually hate on a ship because you ship something else ? Lmao grow up

Mmmn not quite. I don’t really hate anything. Except the idea of eating really gross food. I don’t like that idea. 

So if this was about the YumiKuri stuff and a girl from my school she was telling me that me shipping them was wrong, that they were an abusive relation ship and Ymir should be with Berthold. She said Christa (yeah not Historia) was too dependent on Ymir and shouldn’t have reacted how she did. When I asked how was that, she just kept saying Christa was acting dumb (not exact wording but I forgot the word she used). Then when I asked why she shiped Berthold and Ymir she said because they look cute together, and then I asked how much she knew and got ignored. I generally ignore other ships I don’t agree with, and only really openly bash Ereri (which is still not very bashy just closest I get to it.) I was annoyed by the whole ordeal. 

Now if you were talking about the Ereri thing I’m just seriously confused how that is the biggest ship of SnK. Like I seriously usually ask why people ship it, and that’s not being a sarcastic jerk comment. I’m genuinely curious why it’s shipped so much. Like when I ask people they’ve usually only watched the anime, and say it’s because of the court scene/episode. Sooo that’s still not really hating, more inquiring. 

Now I will admit I should grow up considering I let the people who say they are into it, but aren’t really get under my skin. It’s not just that they get annoying trying to prove they’re right, but also they get me so hyped up and ready to chat to crush me with the fact if I say anything I spoil it for them. And that’s just not nice on my part if I spoil it for them. Then I’m put into a position where I want to tell them why I have my ideas, but I still can’t because I have the no spoiler rule. All in all I’m not really hating on any ones ships, and I still think everyone has the right to their own opinion. IDK sorry this ended up being such a long reply, but I did ask for interesting hate mail and this falls more under troll. I like chatting. Chatting is nice. 

After Chapter 62 rants

God dammit I want chapter 63 to make sense of all that chapter 62 stuff. I feel like crying. I don’t understand because I have a few ideas that could potentially be wrong. All of them. Though my guess for most everything except Eren’s dad were correct. Almost… Well close enough. This is SNK at 50% I’ll count myself amazing.

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Haikyuu Chapter 127 Translations




This seemed to be a big issue, so I thought I’d address it here. NOT ALL MY TRANSLATIONS MAY BE ACCURATE. THERE ARE SOME THAT MAY BE WRONG. This is a speed translation. Read casanovascans version when they come out. They translate from Japanese and are more accurate.

If you want to read this one, fine. If you don’t want to read this one, fine. If you want to read both, fine. STOP ARGUING. seriously.

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Sooo I know a lot of people are mad at Art for killing people (which he didn’t exactly do that much… more jacked their power, then set people in situations to die, plus some killing), but I can’t really get to mad at him for that. Like um the whole happy ending maybe, but him loosing his shit and trying to fulfill his little brothers wish not so much. If I blamed myself, or had anything to do with one of my siblings deaths I’d probably do the same. Maybe not such drastic measures, but you got to admit he is one hell of a brother. I mean, well, yeah idk I can’t hold a grudge after seeing Skill’s story. 

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